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Ooni Accessories
Ooni Accessories

Crafting Pizza Excellence: The Ooni Accessory Advantage Revealed

If you’re wondering if Ooni pizza oven accessories are worth the hype (or whether they provide good value for money), you need to read this.

There are a TON of imitators and cheap knock-offs out there in the market, so we want to show you why you should choose authentic Ooni accessories. We’re pulling back the curtain a bit to give you a glimpse into our design ethos and the thought that goes into every product we create, from modular tables to topping stations to pizza peels.

Speaking of…

Ooni pizza peels

Peels are essential in pizza making, and we offer a range of peels in different sizes, all designed from start to finish by our team in Scotland.

Classic peel

If you’re new to Ooni accessories pizza-making in general, think of our Classic Peel as the All-Star of the lineup. The peel is made with premium aluminum, so it’s light, and the heat-resistant, glass-reinforced handle is sturdy and comfortable (even with wet or greasy hands). The handle length ensures that it’s also extremely well-balanced.

Ooni Pizza Peel

The anodized blade end is super smooth, and features a sharp, angled tip that makes sliding your pizzas on and off as easy as can be (although we also recommend using a bit of semolina or flour to help things along).

The blade also sits flat on your working surface so that you can stretch and top pizzas.

Perforated peel

Our perforated peel has all the perks of our classic peel, with the added advantage of perforations and ribs. Why that matters:

  • We designed the distribution of perforations specifically for Ooni pizza ovens. They allow extra flour to fall through, keeping your pizza's base from burning. The perforations also allow steam to escape once the pizza comes out of the oven, preserving that delicious crispness.
  • The ribs lift the pizza off the peel surface, creating a small air gap. Just this little bit of air drastically reduces the chances of your pizza sticking when you go to launch.
Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel

Customer review:

Totally stoked about my Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel! This thing is a pizza-making wizard. The little holes make sliding onto the stone a breeze, and it's built like a champ. Seriously stepped up my pizza game. If you're into pizza, this peel is a must-have!

Turning peel

For our turning peel, we took a professional pizza-making essential and made it comfortable and convenient for home cooks.

The rounded Ooni Turning Peel gets the same light aluminum material and surface treatment as the previous two. The difference is in the blade shape and length. Its rounded blade and longer length (designed with the depth of Ooni ovens in mind) allow you to rotate your pizza without removing it from the oven, so you get a quicker, more consistent bake.

Ooni Pizza Turning Peel

Customer review: This product is a must have and is by far the best thermometer on the market worth the money I would say. It’s very accurate and very sleek, well made and good quality. I have a Karu 16 which already has a mounted digital thermometer display but I would say this product is a must even with a Karu 16 as it helps read the stone temperature specifically so you know where the hottest point on the stone is to lay your pizza on.

Bamboo peel

Our Ooni Bamboo Peel, which is excellent for both stretching dough and launching. (It also makes for a stylish serving board for finished pizzas.)

Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board

We selected bamboo because it’s moisture-resistant and smooth as silk and because it’s a sustainable material, helping us (and you!) reduce our environmental impact. The tapered edge offers extra glide for launching pizzas.

Ooni infrared thermometer

Our thermometer is more than just a pretty case.

The Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer offers hyper-accurate surface temperature measurements so you know when to launch your pizzas. We calibrate the thermometers specifically for cooking pizza (and cooking it in an Ooni oven). It comes calibrated for our pizza stones right out of the box, and can measure temps up to 999 °F (537 °C).

Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to use it on other surfaces (like the Ooni Baking Steel, for example). You can customize the emissivity (i.e. a measure of how well a given surface will radiate heat) setting. The backlit multicolour LED is easy to read in shadow and direct sunshine.

A unique temperature colour ring, gives you an easy-to-read nudge when your oven has reached peak pizza-cooking temperatures. It also features minimum and maximum temperature measurements, which are crucial because you’ll want to know if any parts of your stone are too hot or too cold.

Ooni oven brush

The Ooni Oven Brush is one of our best-selling items. Loads and loads of Ooni customers keep their oven stones spic-and-span with this dual-action brush.

The handle is made from the same premium, sustainable bamboo as our bamboo peel. The bristles are strong enough to dislodge even the toughest stuck-on bits while a scraper finishes the one-two cleaning punch.

Ooni Pizza Oven Brush

Customer review: “From the moment you unpack this brush, you can see it's made to a very high quality and will last. The handle is made of bamboo and the whole brush feels sturdy but not too heavy. Worth the extra few bucks.”

Ooni modular table

Your Ooni oven deserves a worthy throne, and we designed our modular tables to reign supreme.

They’re exactly the right size to fit your oven with plenty of room left over for accessories. The stainless steel work surface is heat resistant, easy to clean and made to withstand outdoor weather conditions (including heavy winds). Oh, and they look pretty great, too.

Pizza Oven Tables

The large tables can handle loads up to 132 lbs (60 kg), while the medium tables can handle up to 110 lbs (50 kg).

The legs and shelves are made of robust, powder-coated carbon steel. They also have two height-adjustable shelves and built-in hooks for your peels and accessories.

Lockable castor wheels let you move the pizza party wherever you want it or reposition the oven away from the wind in heavier conditions (which is recommended for optimal airflow).

Ooni prep tools

The three durable, borosilicate glass bowls of the Ooni Stack allow you to individually proof dough balls, or keep toppings within reach without taking up counter space.

Ooni Stack

For even more prep flexibility, use the Ooni Topping Station. It features two 1.6L and four 0.8L containers, so you always have plenty of toppings to keep the party rolling. The weather-resistant, powder-coated frame and stainless steel cover pair seamlessly with Ooni modular tables, and the whole topping station is easy to transport as you move from indoor to outdoor kitchens.

Ooni Pizza Topping Station

Customer review: We bought the Pizza Topping Station and it is such a game changer. It’s ideal for parties, get prepped and all the containers filled and in the fridge well before anyone turns up. When you’re ready you can put them all out, let guests top their own pizzas and then lids back on and in the fridge, ready for the inevitable 2nd round of pizzas. Works soo well and makes your pizza prep area so professional. I would definitely recommend!!

Ooni Grizzler

Love seared meats and veggies with those eye-catching grill marks? The Ooni Grizzler is a premium cast iron pan engineered for super-high-temperature cooking. The grizzler comes with a custom-designed, removable cast iron handle and heat-resistant trivet for serving your culinary creations in style. If you’re a cast iron cooking fanatic (and who could blame you), we also have a sizzler pan, a skillet and a dual-sided griddle/grizzler for when you just want to have it all.

Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate

Ooni oven covers

Your Ooni isn’t just an oven. It’s your gateway to great pizza, so you want to keep it protected from the elements. That’s why, along with the brushes mentioned above, our oven covers are a big, big hit with Ooni customers.

Oven Covers

We design our covers at the Ooni HQ in Scotland, where they know a thing or two about inclement weather. Each Ooni is made with premium-quality, weather-resistant materials, and designed to fit your Ooni oven like a glove.

Customer review: Perfect fit, wonderful material and even looks good!

Before you leave…

We stand by the quality of our pizza-making accessories with the unwavering conviction that they’re really awesome. That’s why each comes with a long, long, loooong warranty.

We also put a metric ton of thought, effort and dedication into designing every one of our ovens and accessories. But we don’t stop there: We also do our very best to ensure our business is a force for good.

Putting good into the world is a pretty big deal for us. Check out our Impact pages to hear more about our commitment to regenerative business, zero waste, social responsibility (to our community and to you), transparency and more.

Start building your pizza toolkit at

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