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Ooni and Thanksgiving
Ooni and Thanksgiving

Ooni and Thanksgiving: A Match Made in Heaven!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so we’ve rustled up a few tips and recipes to help you get the most out of your Ooni pizza oven during the holiday season.

One thing is for sure, Thanksgiving means food. Good food, and LOTS of it. You’re probably looking at your schedule and kitchen thinking “how on earth can I cook all these dishes in this space?!” Well, if you’re lucky enough to have an Ooni pizza oven at home, we can help you with the prep, and the post leftover-madness.

We’ve compiled our top five tips to use your Ooni during Thanksgiving, with generous servings of holiday recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Did you know you can cook a turkey in an Ooni? Yep, a WHOLE turkey. Try this Spatchcocked recipe for when you’re low on time or space. Fire up your Ooni Pro or Ooni Koda 16 oven, and roast away! We also know things might be a bit more intimate this year – if you’re not down for roasting a whole bird, how about this Roast Turkey Breast with Baby Leeks and Herb Butter recipe? All the taste with half the space.

Not a turkey fan? Not a problem. Pork recipes to the rescue – try beautifully cooked chops with apple and cinnamon, or loin filets drowned in a rich balsamic glaze. It’s 2020, so there’s probably a veggie in the party. Take a look at this sumptuous Sweet Potato Asparagus and Feta pizza, or perhaps this creamy Butternut Squash Chilli and Ricotta pizza (which has a vegan option too!)

OK, so we have the main event, but what about the sides? Brussels - check. Next question: Bacon and Chilli or Butter Nutmeg? Maple roasted carrots and Mac n’ Cheese too. If you fancy something a bit unusual, check out this easy Kohlrabi two ways recipe (What’s kohlrabi!? It’s a German turnip!)


What’s Thanksgiving without multiple desserts? No matter how much turkey, stuffing or casserole you consume, there’s always room for something sweet. Think traditional apple crumble, continental fig and blackberry crostata, or seasonal pumpkin pie babka, a twist on the classic!

And of course, perhaps the best part? Leftovers! The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the much-loved eat-up menu. We all remember Ross’ turkey sandwich, right? In true Ooni style, try our leftovers stuffing pizza and turkey camembert and cranberry pizza!

And that’s just a tiny spotlight on an abundance of celebratory dishes you can cook with Ooni pizza ovens. If you’re firing yours up this thanksgiving, don’t forget to let us know by sharing your creations over at @oonihq. Until then, stay safe, eat awesome, and have a very happy holiday from everyone at Ooni pizza ovens! We’re thankful for you!

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