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Cooking with Ooni Koda 2 Max pizza oven
Cooking with Ooni Koda 2 Max pizza oven

Fire Up a Feast with the Ooni Koda 2 Max

If you’re throwing a big bash, your first question is often, “How the heck am I going to feed all these people?!” 

The super-sized, gas-fueled Koda 2 Max is the latest addition to the Ooni oven lineup, and it’s here to help you keep all the guests at your next shindig fed and happy.

This huge and highly versatile oven sports a massive 24-inch cooking surface, two independently controlled cooking zones and a brand-new Bluetooth-enabled Ooni Connect™ Digital Temperature Hub

In short, this oven is a party starter. Let’s take a closer look.

Size Matters

Cooking for a lot of people means cooking a lot of food. The Koda 2 Max’s 24-inch cooking area (spread across two baking stones) offers ample space for baking multiple dishes simultaneously. If we’re JUST talking pizza that’s big enough to cook:

  • Two 12-inch pizzas side-by-side
  • Three 10-inch pizzas
  • A single, monster 20-inch New York-style pie ready to be sliced up for a group or just yourself (when it comes to pizza, we don’t judge).

Hosting an outdoor cookout or large gathering? The Koda 2 Max lets you easily fire out a whole lot of pizzas in not a whole lot of time.

Zonal Cooking

What if your event is more of a sit-down multi-course affair? You’ll need to cook different dishes as efficiently as possible so everything comes out hot and delicious. The Koda 2 Max has two independently controlled gas burners that enable cooking at various temperatures across the oven’s two cooking zones. 

Cook a deep-dish pizza on one side while baking a NY-style pizza on the other. Sear steaks on the left while flame-cooking veggies on the right. Make an entree and a dessert. Pizza and burgers. Hot dogs and roast chicken. Mix, match and party on!

If that seems like a lot to keep track of while you’re trying to entertain guests, hungry kids and that one neighbor who just won’t shut up, don’t worry, we’ve thought about that too.

Ooni Connect™ Digital Temperature Hub

At the front of the oven, you’ll find a digital display. This is the brand-new Ooni Connect™ Digital Temperature Hub. It can provide air temperature readings from either side of the oven (so you know exactly when to launch your pizzas or slide in that roasting pan). 

For the carnivores, the hub has two (detachable) food probes for testing the internal temperature of roasting meats.

You can even monitor the oven’s temperature with the Ooni app, thanks to yet another brand-new innovation: Ooni Connect™. Just sync your oven to the app and get access to real-time cooking notifications, product updates, tips and more.

Next-Gen Gas System

Finally, let’s talk about how this oven brings the heat. The totally redesigned and reimagined Ooni G2 Gas Technology™ eliminates hotspots and cold pockets and delivers incredibly consistent temperatures and impressive energy efficiency. 

The gas system also features a patent-pending tapered flame, a dial for each burner for precise temperature control, and an auto-sparking ignition for convenient lighting. Paired with thicker-than-ever 20 mm baking stones, you can cook multiple pizzas back-to-back with minimal recharge time.

Whether throwing a big blowout or a small backyard cookout with friends, the Koda 2 Max is the best co-host you’ll ever have. You can learn more about the oven and see the entire Ooni ovens and accessories family at

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