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trees in a misty forest

Upgrade your Pizza Oven (without costing the Planet)

At Ooni we design and build our products with longevity and serviceability in mind, so that our ovens last your entire pizza-making career. And, if something breaks, our amazing customer service team will do everything they can to keep your beloved first Ooni oven going.

That being said, we understand that sometimes you need an upgrade. Whether you’re looking for an oven with a larger cooking surface, one that’s more portable, or even one that can be used inside, we can help you find your next pizza oven. We also want to help find a home for your old one, helping you to cut down on waste.

If you’re upgrading your old oven, consider sharing the Ooni love by regifting your pre-loved products to friends or family, reselling on secondhand marketplaces or donating your oven to local community groups or charities. Not only will you bring more people together to share amazing food experiences, but you’ll also be doing your bit to help save the planet.

Reusing products significantly reduces your waste output, as it stops waste from becoming waste in the first place. This keeps the cycle of your goods going whilst reducing the need for any additional handling or processing, saving on a variety of energy-related emissions and keeping usable materials out of landfill.

Take a look at our adapted waste hierarchy diagram below. This model is widely recognised in the sustainability world, and helps organisations to make informed decisions about waste disposal.

Ooni Waste Hierarchy Diagram

Waste prevention is up at the top as it carries the least environmental impact, and outright disposal is down at the bottom as it has the most associated environmental impacts. 

To summarise, by repurposing your old Ooni oven, you’re: 

  • Preventing your useable old oven from becoming waste unnecessarily
  • Reducing your environmental impacts 
  • Cutting down the use of manufacturing resources and the creation of emissions from the recycling process
  • Opening the door for others to spread more Ooni joy through shared food experiences!

If your oven unfortunately cannot be rehomed, please take it to your local household waste recycling facility.

Check out our upgrades program here -

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