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Ooni Koda 2 Max gas pizza oven
Ooni Koda 2 Max gas pizza oven

Meet Ooni Koda 2 Max: the Gas-powered, Supersized Oven

If you love making pizza, feeding a crowd or the latest in outdoor cooking technology — look no further than the Ooni Koda 2 Max 24″ Gas-Powered Pizza Oven. This absolute beauty of an oven takes the best of Ooni’s previous ovens and amplifies it. If you want to make a great pizza, why not make two (or even three) at the same time? If you want to slow roast a cut of meat, why not monitor its progress with a built-in digital temperature hub? We’ve taken your typical Ooni experience and supersized it. Literally. Let us show you how.

Supersized 24″ cooking area

Koda 2 Max’s 24-inch cooking surface has enough internal surface to feed the whole family with nonstop, side-by-side cooking. The expansive stones allow you to cook two 12-inch pizzas or three 10-inch pizzas simultaneously. You can also serve up slices from an extra-large 20-inch New York-style pizza. 

Dual-zone cooking

A look inside the mouth of Koda 2 Max will reveal two pizza stones and two gas burners on either side of the oven. These create two independently-controlled temperature zones that allow you the ultimate versatility in what and how you can cook. And yes, this means cooking two different pizza styles side by side. You can also use the zones independently to roast meat at one temperature while flame-cooking sides (or pizza!) at another. The two zones pair perfectly with the Ooni cast iron and roasting pan ranges to expand your cooking repertoire to include the whole wide world of culinary exploration. 

Advanced Ooni G2 Gas Technology™

The next generation of our gas system consistently produces even heat across the cooking area, allowing for true one-turn cooking and eliminating annoying hot spots. This new system maximizes fuel efficiency and is optimized to create ideal pizza-making conditions. 

Digital temperature hub

A front-mounted digital display provides instant temperature readings of your oven’s internal temperature — both as a whole and for each independent cooking zone. It also includes two digital food probes that will take the internal temperature of meats as they roast. You can monitor the temperatures in your digital hub from your phone via Bluetooth.

Ooni Connect™ app

For the first time ever, sync your oven to your phone thanks to the Ooni smart cooking app! This suite of smart features includes: monitoring oven temperatures for each oven zone, oven temperature alerts sent directly to your phone, access to Koda 2 Max onboarding information, direct access to Ooni’s vast library of recipes and more. 

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