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Take Ooni Koda Camping
Take Ooni Koda Camping

Staycations with Ooni - Top Tips!

Staycations are here to stay! ⛺️ Unsurprisingly this year many of us are exploring what closer to home has to offer. But worry not, gone are the days of sad tinned foods and dried noodles on a camping trip. Now all you have to do is pack your Ooni pizza oven and you're winning.

Inspired by Kristian’s family staycation recent trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland and his top tips on instagram, we asked our team for their staycationing with Ooni tips too.


  • Ooni’s frozen dough is super handy, simply pack a few dough balls - pop them in a cool box until a few hours before then bring up to ‘tent temperature’. (alternatively make and freeze your own dough balls and bring them with you!)


  • Tomato sauce in jars is much less hassle than tins. Make your own and jar it up.
  • Keep your toppings minimal to avoid waste and carrying more than you need.
  • Try something new and buy locally sourced toppings!
  • Shredded mozzarella can feel a bit cleaner and less hassle than mozzarella balls.
  • Pre-slice your meats and veggies to minimise prep on site.
  • Try a camping breakfast pizza - smash an avocado and add bacon and an egg to your pizza.


  • Bring your cast iron and cook everything in Ooni! Char some delicious veggies, steak, or freshly caught fish!
  • Ooni is perfect for morning toast or bagels. Who knew?! We did.
  • Get s’moring! Marshmallows toasted with chocolate and biscuits are the ultimate campfire treat. Ooni Pro and Ooni Karu are perfect for marshmallow toasting.


  • The Ooni Classic Pizza Peel is super easy to pack, it fits inside our ovens, and you can prep, launch and retrieve with it.
  • The Ooni Bamboo Peel is great for prepping your pizza crust, topping, launching, AND using as a cutting board.
  • Tupperware is your friend! Portioned up dough, sauce, flour etc.
  • Spoons are essential for topping your pizza. (Kristian forgot his in Skye!)
  • Pack a small propane bottle if running on gas.. Way handier when travelling light. Ooni has a portable gas adapter.
  • Ooni carry covers are essential - they make transporting your oven easy and comfortable.

So, whatever you have planned, whether you’re living the van life, getting cosy under canvas, or planning a beach day don’t settle for sad sandwiches! Pack your Ooni and make great pizza part of your staycation.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media. We love seeing your adventures with Ooni.


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