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Karu 12G pizza oven
Karu 12G pizza oven

Ooni Karu 12G: Learn About the Next Evolution in Multi-Fuel Pizza Ovens

We leveraged over a decade of pizza oven-making experience and plenty of customer feedback to design and build the next generation of multi-fuel ovens: the Ooni Karu 12G. We took our incredibly popular and versatile Karu 12 as a start, and optimised every touchpoint. The 12G features a sturdy borosilicate glass door, an internal thermometer, and a sleek powder-coated steel shell for increased weather resistance. 

That’s just a start. Let’s take a deeper look at the brand-new Karu 12G.

This one has a glass door

One of the most obvious updates from the Karu 12 to the Karu 12G is the addition of a highly insulated borosilicate glass door. The new door lets you keep an eye on your bakes without releasing the heat essential to making a great pizza. 

Improved heat retention

Speaking of heat, the Karu 12G features Ooni's advanced airflow management system, including the patented FlameKeeper, a removable Defender plate and a truncated baffle. Combined with the new glass door, those features mean the Karu 12G can reach temperatures of 450 °C in as little as 15 minutes. That’s 29% faster than previous models. 

Keep an eye on temperatures with an onboard thermometer

We included an integrated analog thermometer to help you monitor the oven’s internal air temperature so you know exactly when it's time to cook.

Stylish new weather-resistant design

Another major update in the 12G is the powder-coated carbon steel shell. The powder-coated shell isn’t just for show. It’s a major step-up in weather-resistance and durability. The Karu 12G’s new sleek silhouette also makes it an attractive addition to any outdoor cooking space. 

Bigger fuel tray and a more efficient gas burner

Whether you’re cooking with wood or charcoal, we enlarged the fuel tray to save you time on refuelling as well as to maximise airflow. Fill the Karu 12G's extra large fuel tray with wood or charcoal for a traditional wood-fired experience, or attach a gas burner (sold separately) for easy propane-fueled baking that uses 36% less gas than previous models.

Portable and powerful

The Karu 12G’s portable, compact, easy-to-break-down design lets you make great pizza in your backyard or on-the-go. Smooth, rounded ridges on the underside of the Karu 12G make for easier, more comfortable carrying as well. 

Fire up great pizza with the Karu 12G

Get your Ooni Karu 12G today

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