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Bigger is Better: 5 Tasty Food Pairings to Try in a Koda 2 Max
Bigger is Better: 5 Tasty Food Pairings to Try in a Koda 2 Max

Bigger is Better: 5 Tasty Food Pairings to Try in a Koda 2 Max

Sometimes, bigger really is better, and the Koda 2 Max — the newest (and largest) addition to Ooni’s oven lineup — is no exception. It’s ideal for those who like to host big gatherings and dazzle guests (or family) with their quick cooking skills or fans of mix-and-match dining. Not only is there more space — a whopping 24 inches — the Koda 2 Max also has dual-zone cooking: two independently controlled temperature zones for ultimate versatility. 

Want to sear a steak and fire up pizza simultaneously (or maybe just cook one giant 20-inch pie)? How about veggies and slow-roasted fish? Now you can in a flash, thanks in part to our thickest stone yet (¾ inch) for minimal recharge time between bakes. 

With the Koda 2 Max, we’ve taken the idea of intelligent cooking to the next level. Ooni’s G2 Gas Technology™ features a tapered flame for even heat across temperature zones, helping avoid those dreaded cold pockets and hot spots. You’ll also get instant air readings from either side of the oven through the front digital temperature hub, meaning you'll know when to launch pizza, remove salmon filets or turn Buffalo wings. 

A protective glass shield gives you a dramatic view inside the oven while keeping the heat inside; easily remove it anytime you want to roast or bake larger dishes. (A perfect excuse to break out our cast iron and roasting pans!) And now for the first time, you can sync the oven with your phone (App Store or Google Play) using our app's new Ooni Connect™ functionality for real-time cooking notifications and tips.

With all that Koda 2 Max has to offer, the only real question is: what to cook first? If you’re unsure where to start, simply read on for our five favourite food pairings for the ultimate outdoor cooking and dining experience.

1. Margherita and Detroit-style Pizza

It’s hard to find a more timeless pizza than the Margherita, with its light and fluffy crust, sweet tomatoes and bubbly mozzarella garnished with fragrant basil. The red, white and green colors represent Italy, and it’s as delicious as it is simple to make (especially if using our classic pizza dough and sauce). Perfect for vegetarians, and easily made vegan by subbing in a dairy-free cheese. 

While Michigan may be worlds away from Italy, we think a Detroit-style pizza pairs beautifully with a Margherita. Where the latter is thin, light and foldable, a classic Detroit pie is baked in a pan, has a thick base, crispy crust and stunning cheese edges, aka the “frico.” 

Our version uses mozzarella and cheddar instead of the classic Wisconsin brick cheese and lots of pepperoni for a hit of salt and spice. The final touch, of course, is streaks of red sauce, honoring the history of the automotive roots of the Motor City.

2. Flame-cooked Steak and Roasted Carrots with Salsa Verde

We love a good pizza, but sometimes, the only thing that will do is a perfectly cooked, mouth-watering steak. For juicy and tender on the inside, browned and crusty on the outside steak, the high heat of an Ooni is ideal for best-tasting results. Be sure to choose quality, thick-cut prime steak with lots of marbling for extra flavour and cook one (or two!) on a Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate for those coveted sear marks.

What’s better than a flame-cooked steak? How about one paired with delicately sweet and lightly charred roasted carrots and herbaceous salsa for a hit of acidity and brightness? Add to that some fresh ricotta, cracked black pepper and olive oil, and you’ve got a healthy, colourful side that also works well on its own.

3. Keftedes Greek Meatballs and Vegan Hummus and Black Olive Pizza

If you’re looking to branch out with your cooking and appeal to more adventurous palates, you’ll want to try these keftedes (pan-fried traditional Greek meatballs). Commonly made with a mixture of lamb and beef, these meatballs are packed with herbs and spices and typically served as a mezze (a Mediterranean appetizer). Feel free to add tzatziki (a creamy yogurt, garlic and cucumber sauce) or a Greek salad to the mix — they also work great as sandwiches!

Something less expected (and another excellent pairing for keftedes) is a vegan hum-bo, or hummus and black olive pizza. On a base of our classic pizza dough, the garlicky hummus, olives and tomato sauce come together for a tasty blend of Mediterranean-inspired flavours.

4. Crispy, Tender Salmon with Roasted Lemons and Easy Salted Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

An easy way to make fantastic salmon is in an Ooni, and even better when cooked in a cast iron pan. Preheating the pan will help ensure the skin gets golden and crispy while the filet stays tender inside. We’ve kept it simple here, seasoning the fish with only salt, pepper and lemon for a lovely citrusy flavour. 

There are a lot of veggies and salads that could be paired with salmon, or you could save room for a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. We like to make ours in a cast iron skillet for a crispy-edged, chewy-centreed centre-of-plate dessert. Use the oven's residual heat to make this crowd-pleaser, and for even more decadence, serve it with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Salty, chocolatey and gooey, you may need to make more than just one.

5. Gas-fired “Over-the-Pit” Buffalo Wings and Cheesy Garlic Bread

One of the most popular party foods out there, wings are an easy way to please guests and (literally) finger-licking good. Dip them into salty, bright blue cheese dressing, classic Buffalo sauce, or a garlic Parmesan Buffalo sauce. Just be sure to cook them in a cast iron pan for slightly charred and crispy results. 

Few sides are as satisfying as freshly baked bread straight from the oven, especially if you add butter, garlic, sea salt, cheese and basil. An ideal companion to chicken wings, this bread is simple to make and can also help avoid food waste if you’ve got any leftover dough balls!

Whatever dishes you decide to make using your Koda 2 Max, we’ve got a slew of tips to help out, from how to parbake crusts to how to plan a pizza party.

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